Our Story


Amara Elegance was born by the founders who developed the idea of a wand out of need. Mother, daughter and daughter in law were having difficulty trying to remove excessive tan. The exfoliating materials along with current tan removers used to even out the tan were not abrasive enough and in some cases too harsh for the skin. Sometimes this resulted in leaving their skin very red and sensitive.

Consequently they came up with an innovative and novel concept that they have designed and developed. All formerly worked in the beauty industry and Mother and daughter were qualified in their respective fields.
We had to create a superior product and know our customer better than anybody else. Then came the right idea, the right partners and then the passion!

And that’s how our story begins…….

Amara Elegance wants to empower people just like you, both men and women, to love themselves more. Indulge, pamper and be kind to yourself!

Our products solve a real problem in the lives of our consumers. We developed a versatile wand that has been perfectly designed to fit in your hand to reach those difficult areas and is suitable for all ages.

See, it’s not enough for us to be just another beauty brand. We want to stand for something more, which is why we’ve made a commitment to innovation, sustainability and quality. Anything with our label on it is beauty therapist designed, built to last, and created with the best of intentions. It’s why our wand is perfectly shaped to fit snugly in your hand and it’s why our formulations are cruelty-free.

Nobody is perfect, but irrespective of where you are on your journey of self-love: we believe in beauty and we believe in you.